The medical field is constantly growing; it is almost always on lists of the best industries to work in. Maybe you are extremely interested in working in healthcare, but you don't have the motivation or the passion to attend medical school or you aren't comfortable around blood and needles. You are not the only one! One option that might work for you is pharmaceutical sales.


"What exactly do these sales representatives do?," you might be wondering. Most of the time, pharmaceutical sales representatives need only have a bachelor's degree, regardless of their major; this isn't to say that you won't have a bit of an advantage if you happened to go to school for pre-med or sales. On the job, people who do this are almost always on the road, going to different doctor's offices and clinics to promote new medicines. If this sounds like a role that would suit you well, read the rest of this guide to discover everything you need to know about pharmaceutical recruitment companies!


Talking to Recruiters Face-to-Face Is Generally Most Effective


Because pharmaceutical sales is a job that requires you to deal with people quite frequently, biotechnology recruitment agencies tend to like their representatives to meet prospective employees in-person. Due to this, you'll see lots of these recruitment companies set-up at college career fairs and networking events designed for recent graduates.


If you're interested in a career as a pharmaceutical representative, you should put your best foot forward when you go to these booths! Check out this website at and learn more about pharmaceutical job description.


You May Not Be Able to Avoid Internet Applications


If you don't have any local career fairs on the calendar, but you're hoping to secure a job very soon, it may be necessary for you to start putting in online applications. Don't fret though! There are still certain things you can do to set yourself apart even if you aren't able to meet pharmaceutical and biotechnology recruitment agencies at reps in-person right off the bat.


One thing you can do is create a video cover letter. If you opt to try this, it's important for it to be as short as possible; you should also do something to help your personality really shine! Another option is to try to schedule your initial interview with any recruitment company over a video chat instead of a traditional phone call. This way, the recruiters can connect with you on a more personal level.


What If I'm Not Sure This Job is For Me?



If you aren't sure that being a pharmaceutical sales representative is right for you, you might want to talk to someone who is already doing this job. Your recruiter will probably be able to introduce you to another one of his or her recruits who is doing well!